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PostPosted: Sun Aug 27, 2017 7:29 am 
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I’ve been following the Dons for few a years now, ok not as long as some, but I’ve served my time, and for a while now I’ve put the hard miles in on the road, in fact 7,500 just to away games last season, and about 1,000 so far, this term.

So, what am I getting at, well for the first time ever on my way home in about 4 years I was questioning why I bother. Now don’t get me wrong, I can take getting beat, I’ve witnessed a few, but the manner of today’s defeat was so disheartening, so lacking in skill, idea, organisation, passion or pride, I’m just struggling to find the desire to do anymore.

Now I know I’m not alone in this, my fellow travellers all said the same, and I’m guessing there were several more conversations of this manner on the way home, on the coach, the train and cars.

Today’s attendance of 272 could be seen to be a bit low, so trying to strike some comparisons, we took double that to Blackpool, and 70 more to Forest Green midweek, on what was a pig of a journey. So, I can only conclude from that, that many are coming around to the school of thought, of what’s the bloody point of going, most of the players don’t look like they give a toss, so why should I.

I like the gaffer, there are no frills, just facts, plenty of truth, no bullshit, no real excuses, and I admire that, but I’m getting fed up of the watchword at the moment, “gel”, all we got today was jelly, an awkward, wobbling, uncoordinated mess.

Early in the start of the season I was hopeful, but I can inform you that I had an optician’s appointment this week and my rose-coloured spectacles were successfully removed. Now all I can see is a sea of shite, and the talk of promotion looks so farfetched and about as distant as my chances of winning the lottery......and I don’t buy lottery tickets.

Can anyone really see anything, a glimmer of light perhaps, a partnership building in midfield perhaps, a forward pairing that would send even the most seasoned centre half’s running scared, anyone?

I’ve watched all six games now, and I can’t really say I’ve seen anything that fills me with hope of things to come. We are gutless in attack, and already Sow has found the door to the treatment room, and Chuks is still a month away, and that my friends is how weak and vulnerable we are, two key players out and we are well and truly screwed. As soon as I saw the team I knew we were royally f**ked, in fact one of my mates put a bet on us to lose 5-1....unlucky eh, in honesty it should have been this and more, we were that poor.

As for the MOTM today, well I can’t say we had one, certainly nobody deserves any accolade from that match, collectively they were bloody poor, I honestly can’t even be bothered to single out players today, I’d just had enough of the tricks and flicks that never came off by halftime, just do the simple things first, if and when we ever get in front, you can showboat as much as you like then.

So, did anything good come out of today, well I’m pleased to report the jam doughnut at Knutsford was lovely, and I was back on the M6 before the final whistle went, and home by 7-20pm.

Right....before I top myself, APL report, well many of you were scuppered as soon as the team news came out with the news Sow and Agard were injured. The unlikely scorer, plus the scoreline, meant nobody scored anything of note, with the top points score this week of just two by 21 out of the 65 predictions predicting the Dons would lose.

There were just 42 points scored this week.

Right that’s it, I’d say I’ll see you on Tuesday, but I probably won’t.

The APL match thread for our next game will be out shortly.

8-) WellDon

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