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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:34 am 
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I must say this is becoming difficult viewing, not because we lost, I can take that, I like most have seen enough of those to become hardened, but we are losing almost it seems without much of a fight, players are losing individual battles on the pitch, and its bloody embarrassing.

I recall the early noises coming from Neilson were, we are going to build a team that won’t get bullied, well let me tell you gaffer, that ship sailed bloody weeks ago, we are getting owned just about everywhere, but I exclude from that Gilbey, and Brittain, shining lights in a sea of turds, and if it wasn’t for those two, and the efforts of Nicholls who again kept the scoreline respectable we would be looking at something a whole lot worse.

A few of our team need to take a long hard look at themselves, especially the likes of Tshibola, who for me is quickly becoming the new Daniel Powell, trying to take on three players when we are breaking when he had options in front and to the side was ludicrous and resulted in the second goal.

I’ll say it again, we have not looked anything special except for 45 mins against Oxford, even in our two wins we were appalling, and lucky to win.

I am never one for leaving early, but I must admit it’s getting harder and harder to stay for the duration, especially when there is the attraction of getting out quickly, and not having to be subjected to the piss taking of the oppo fans rejoicing in our misery.

So, there you go, its uncomfortable to watch, but despite this, I still hear those that cannot see what is going on, we are told we are gelling, oh right, are all the other teams in the league gelling as well, or just us?

I’m told be patient, it will all come good, well I’ve been patient since we dispatched Yeovil 5-1 to go up, I was patient all season long in the Championship, I was patient last year when despite various positive sound bites came from those above, we were dished up garbage. The messiah arrived and filled us with hope, promotion is our aim, ok I know everyone says that, but this is just bloody turgid rubbish.

We are told by you know who that our aspirations are the Premiership, well I don’t think I can wait that long, you see I’m nearly 60, and I fear it will not be in my lifetime unless, the lessons that have been learnt are acted upon, there is more chance of unicorns stampeding across the pitch and trampling Nicholls to death.

Right, I’m going to end this, I’m depressed enough, but can I ask, will someone tell me it’s time to stop being patient, because my patience is running thin, and I may need psychiatric help to see the season out.

I want to be positive, god knows that, I don’t want to write this shit, I honestly don’t, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be the last time this season, and I’m surer of that, than some of you that think we can turn this round...........I hope you’re right, for your sakes, because I’ll be here letting you know otherwise.

Ok my friends, APL time...................well it seems the tide is turning on the predictions, the trend has been to predict a Dons win, and when we have suffered another defeat the lights go out early in the APL office, the girls are sent home early, and its cream cakes all round.

We had 52 predictions for this game, not bad for midweek as it appears some of you don’t realise we can play on other days of the week, so out of the 52 over half predicted the Dons would lose, that’s it keep the faith, with 28 of you getting amongst the points, and out of the 28 a massive 10 of you predicted the correct result and all get 10 points and a mention in the APL Hall of Fame.

So, we have a new leader in the shape of MK59DON, a former APL trailblazer in prediction leagues past, he takes a narrow lead of one point over the machine that is Southstander, who maintains his 100% record of getting points on the board every week.

Many congratulations to all those that scored points this week which totalled 149 points.

God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America.

The APL thread for Saturdays clash with Rochdale will be out shortly, I just need to have a lie down in a dark room first.

Hang on, Hang on......I forgot something, those booing Lewie, can f**k right off, you are embarrassing, and it made me feel sick in the pit of my stomach, absolutely disgusting.

8-) WellDon

APL Hall of Fame
2 – Southstander, MK59DON
1 – mkdonsdan4, BuzzardDon, kempstondons6, ChaChaDon, Dazzerdon, epdon, Kowalski, Grundit, MarcA, Bloxham Don, Just A Don, woburnsandsdon, Camdenite

APL League Table 2017/18
41 POINTS - Southstander
38 POINTS – kempstondons6
32 POINTS – epdon
24 POINTS – Kowalski, MarcA
22 POINTS – BuzzardDon, Just A Don
21 POINTS – Grundit
18 POINTS - Greg
16 POINTS - woburnsandsdon
15 POINTS – SG19Cowshed das Boot, Dunstable Don, FilthyDon
14 POINTS – ChaChaDon, APMKDon, Camdenite, Bloxham Don, TomMac&Ernie
12 POINTS – mkdonsdan4, Scumarmy, Dazzerdon
9 POINTS – familymkdonsfan, Third Team Lucky
8 POINTS – Croydon, donnette, WellDon, Matthew
7 POINTS – ExtraTime, MBenn90455, Zippy, yorkie, Locutus, MKAylesburyDon, MKBuffalo
6 POINTS – DonsDuck, chrisdon, Don gal, Cheffy1, OldStratfordDon
4 POINTS – Dad_of_A_Don, Zameen, Ten-Don, Adebayo Akinfenwa, OakeeDokee, Scribble, Dons50, leodon, Blodwyn, BillP, Bex’s Dad, JackDon, edmundpwb, Steelback Don, Nobbydon, russybcool1
2 POINTS – BongoDon, BetterCallSaul, DippyDon, Peterr, Concretecowbelle, BearHidesBoy64, mightydons, silverous

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 5:30 pm 

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See I told you that you would miss Daniel Powell sooner rather than later :lol:

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